Shreebala Nrithyalaya, an institution for classical dance:
"Bharatanatyam" that reflects Indian culture with its origins steeped in divine Hindu tradition.

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Mission and core values

Shri Gurubhyo Namah

“Shreebala Nrithyalaya” trains students in both practical and theory required for the appropriate presentation of the traditional Margam of Bharatanatyam dance. Classes are designed to maintain emphasis on ‘Quality’, keeping the number of students highly optimal. Students will get to learn exercises to make their body more susceptible and tuned to this art form, they would learn the dance as more holistic art form rather than mere performance aspects, also they will get to exhibit their talent in annual concert show.

Training model & Student progress

The course expects students to learn and perform dance for one hour every week, with necessary additional practice. The school may also decide to provides extra classes for few students who need more support The student is expected to have self-motivation and high rigor and spend extra hours of individual practice to reach high proficiency. The ‘Arangetram’ level of performance solely depends on such rigor. In Bharatanatyam schools the teaching and learning is aligned to ‘Guru & Sishya’ relationship. This means the teacher offers the student right courses and levels, when the student is ready for the same. In this model, every instruction from Guru to Sishya is critical for the student to gain right skills and confidence to perform. In this process it is important for students and parents to understand that both Guru’s positive and negative feedback / comments are key to development and progress. So it is necessary to demonstrate a positive attitude towards every comment and feedback in ‘Guru & Sishya’ schooling model, which may be new concept in United States. Grading / rating of Students from other schools are reviewed. They are accepted at same level, provided they demonstrate the skills required for that level. Students, under 6 will get to attend couple of trial classes. Based on their interest, concentration and stamina level they will get to start formally

Code of conduct & dress code

All students who meet the eligibility criteria for Bharatanatyam lessons as governed by ‘Shree Bala Nrithyalaya’ are only admitted and given equal opportunity Students are expected to report to classes 5 minutes before the start of class. No parents are allowed to wait at the classes without prior request and agreement for a specific reason. Video and Photo shoots of their children are allowed on the last class of every month, during the last 15 minutes of the class. Due to the nature of the art, the progress of the student is measured quarterly. Dress code: Comfortable Indian Red Salwar tops and pants with shawl. Shawl should be tied around the waist. For boys Indian Kurtis and comfortable pants. Bindi (pottu ) on the forehead is a must. Hair should be tied neatly.

Course levels

Students will learn fundamental footsteps warm up exercises,adavus, shlokas, and Hasta mudras, Hinduism – Gods, Godess stories.

Allaripu, Kauthuvam, Jathiswaram, sabdham and padam. Some Theoritical aspects like eye movements (Drishti Bhedas), neck movements (Greeva Bhedas) head movements (Shiro Bhedas) padha Bheda(foot position), Hastha vinyogas-slokas, Abinaya – Role play & expressions are introduced in this level.

These students learn the remaining dance compositions that make up the repertoire of a full Bharatanatyam recital. The items practiced in this level are Varnam, padams, ashtapathii, javali,and thillana.

Arangetram' or initiation on stage is just Beginning! An Arangetram is a graduation performance that is part of the traditional format – the Maargam prescribed in the curriculam. It is the first formal dance presentation of a student to the audience, showcasing, the great tradition of passing on the knowledge of this dance form from the teacher to the student. A 'Margam' includes, Kauthuam, Alarippu, Jathiswaram, Shabdam, Varnam, Padams, Ashtapadi, Javali and Thillana.

He or She must have a lot of stamina, dedication and concentration to perform the Arangetram for about 2 hours.


Raji Krishna

Founder and Artistic director

Mrs. Rajalakshmi Krishna (alias Ms. Raji) has been a Bharatanatyam performing artist / practitioner, teacher, choreographer since 1986. She has made commendable contributions and service in the field of Bhrathanatyam for the past 35+ years in performing, teaching in her own school and other institutions across India and USA.

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Performances gallery

Temple performances

Mylapore, Chennai, India

Glimpse of Anika Chebrolu's arengetram

Copell Arts - Dallas, TX

Recent performances

Arangetram performance of Chandni

Beautiful Hari Narayana kautuam presented in Chennai RR sabha Arengetram, by my student Chandini Elango

Arangetram of Anika Chebrolu

Raja Rajeswari Ashtakam in Ragamaligai / Adi

Students' performance in chennai temples

Glipmse of students' performance in Chennai Temples.

Enna thavam seithanai in kapi ragam / Adi

Sri Vedakrishnaram on Mirudangam
Shree Saravanan on Flute
Shree sikamani on violin
Smt Raji Krishna on Nattuvangam & choreography

In the news

The recent performance in RR Sabha, Chennai, by Chandni Elango, as seen in the news coverage.

Thillana in Ragam : Paras (adi thallam).

Orchestra support :
Shree kovai praveen - vocal
Shree Nagai sriram - Mirudangam
Shree sikkil Bala - Violin
Shree Krishna - Rhythm pad
Nattuvangam & Choreography - Guru Smt Raji Krishna


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